Deaf Center are collaborators Erik K Skodvin (AKA Svarte Greiner, Xhale, Solitaire Albread) and Otto A Totland (AKA Supine, Nest), operating out of Norway since 2003. Old classmates, they finally decided to write music together and ended up creating the Neon City EP, soon followed by the full length album, Pale Ravine.


DEAF CENTER - Owl Splinters (from Aquarius Records)

This recent Record Of The Week, now repressed on vinyl and back in stock, however it no longer includes the bonus cd that came with the original vinyl version. But it IS on different colored vinyl! So if you missed it a couple weeks ago, here you go: We really can't get enough of the dark, cinematic soundscapes conjured by so many of the artists on such likeminded labels as Type (UK) and Miasmah (Norway). This new release on Type by Norwegian duo Deaf Center (cellist Erik K... Read More »

Deaf Center - Owl Splinters (from Exclaim)

It's been six long years since Norwegian dark ambient duo Deaf Center released Pale Ravine, their much-acclaimed debut album on Type Records. Pianist Otto Totland and Cellist Erik Skodvin haven't been resting on their laurels however, both having released superb work under the names Nest and Svarte Greiner, respectively. Given the high expectations, Owl Splinters doesn't disappoint... Read More »

Deaf Center - Owl Splinters (from Tiny Mix Tapes)

In 2005, the duo of Erik K. Skodvin and Otto Totland released Pale Ravine, their first full-length LP under the moniker Deaf Center. Of its ilk, the album was a critical and commercial success, providing the then nascent Type label with one of its first major successes... Read More »

Deaf Center - Pale Ravine (from Stylus Magazine)

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DEAF CENTER - Vintage Well (from Forced Exposure)

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Deaf Center - Pale Ravine (from Almost Cool)

It's no surprise that the first track on the debut full-length from Deaf Center is entitled "Lobby." Pale Ravine seems to take a lot of influences from the theater, whether it be cinema itself, or the dark and sometimes dusty confines of the old buildings themselves... Read More »

Review of DEAF CENTER - Neon City (from Forced Exposure)

LP version. Read More »

Review of DEAF CENTER - Pale Ravine (from Forced Exposure)

LP version. "Apparently inspired by 'old silent 8mm film reels and historical architecture,' the Norwegian duo of Erik Skodvin and Otto Totland have produced a lambent debut that recalls the likes of William Basinski (particularly the Disintegration Loops indebted 'Lobby'), Marsen Jules and Harold Budd. Over layers of warmly battered aural sediment, Deaf Center build the kind of vista-expanding, piano tinged music that has you thinking you're in your very own film." Read More »


Download an EBM-Themed Mix from Marcel Dettmann

is also included) and downloaded via the magazine, here, where a very brief interview (in German) can also be found. For those in search of more techno- and house-rooted sounds from Dettman, his XLR8R podcast from earlier this year is, of course, still available to download. 01 Chris Carter - Interloop 02 Ultravox - Visions In Blue 03 <span>Deaf Center</span> - Lamp Mien 04 Kraftwerk - Sexobjekt 05 Psyche - The Saint Become A Lush 06 Klinik - Nautilus 07 The Cure - All Cats Are Grey 08 Eric Zann - Threshold 09 HTRK - Eat Yr Heart 10 Monotone - Teil 3 11 Siouxsie & The Banshees - Red Light 12 League Of Nations - Systematic Eyes Read More »

London International Festival of Exploratory Music 2012 to Focus on the Music of Scandinavia

Kings Place, London. Under the title LIFEM 12: Sounds from the Arctic Cool, the festival focuses on the Scandinavian cool, including indie pop, avant rock, yoik folk, nu jazz and ambient electronica artists. The festival will feature the dark power of Norway's <span>Deaf Center</span>; Biosphere's arctic electronica, Gothenburg-based EF, with their epic, post-rock soundscapes; Shamanistic chant meets modern technology in Wimme Saari's yoiking; and enchanting singer-songwriter Frida Hyvönen. Program: Frida Hyvönen (Sweden) Wednesday, 31 October 2012 - 7:30pm / Kings Place, Hall One EF (Sweden) + Tomorrow We Sail (UK) Thursday, 1 November 2012 - 7:30pm / Kings Place, Hall One <span>Deaf Center</span> (Norway) Friday, 2 November 2012 - 7:30pm / Kings Place, Hall One Biosphere (Norway) Saturday, 3 November 2012 - 7:30pm / Kings Place, Hall One Wimme Saari & Tapani Rinne (Finland) Friday, 2 November 2012 - 8:00pm / Kings Place, Hall Two RinneRadio (Finland) Saturday, 3 November 2012 - 8:00pm / Kings Place, Hall Two More at London International Festival of Exploratory Music 2012 to Focus on the Music of Scandinavia Read More »

Festival line-up additions - 14 Aug 2012

Quartet, No Crows, Propellor Palms, Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson, Bronagh Gallagher, Tieranniesaur, The BaRLey Mob, Beef Supreme, Shane Hennessy, The Eskies, Pete Pamf, Morton Valence, Will Dempsey, Fox.E & The Good Hands, Gypsy Rebel Rabble, Fred, The Cracked Bucket Band, Simon Spoons, Lois & The Love. REWIRE, The Hague, 2-4 Nov: Shackleton, Laurel Halo, Nosaj Thing, Pete Swanson, Lotus Plaza, Halls, <span>Deaf Center</span>, Black Rain, Juffage, Rocketnumbernnine, Alex Smoke, Knalpot, H-SIK, FilosofischeStilte. Festival line-up additions - 14 Aug 2012 Read More »

Nosaj Thing headlines REWIRE Festival 2012

festival's bill as announced thus far is primarily electronic, headed up by LA beatmaker Nosaj Thing and Berlin's Shackleton. Reflecting the darker and more experimental side of the festival is Blackest Ever Black-associated act Black Rain, ex-Yellow Swans noise artist Pete Swanson and Norwegian drone duo <span>Deaf Center</span>. Synth-loving chanteuse Laurel Halo, Scottish techno producer Alex Smoke and UK group Rocketnumbernine will also make appearances. Nov 02 Rewire Festival Day 1 Nov 03 Rewire Festival Day 2 Nov 04 Rewire Festival Day 3 Official Website: REWIRE Festival 1 Comment More on Nosaj Thing Add Read More »

REWIRE Festival: Acts Announced

Yellow Swans) and Black Rain. So far around fifteen acts have been announced for this year's edition. As well as the above, all of which have received love on the Quietus' pages, chief among them are LA beatsmith Nosaj Thing, UK electronic producer patten, Norwegian duo <span>Deaf Center</span> and Lotus Plaza (aka Deerhunter's Lockett Pundt performing solo). In addition the line-up include Juffage, Rocketnumbernine, Alex Smoke and Halls, and three artists from the Dutch scene - Knalpot, H-SIK and FilosofischeStilte. Many more names are yet to be announced, but tickets are already available from REWIRE's Read More »

Check Out Reviews of Pelican, Job for a Cowboy, Alex Winston and More in Our New Release Roundup

following their Exclaim!-approved death metal gem Ruination, Job for a Cowboy unveil their new full-length, Demonocracy. Lastly, Brooklyn's Alex Winston delivers a mixed bag of indie pop hits and momentum-killing misses with her debut album King Con, and modern ambient artists like Loscil, Christopher Willits, Marsen Jules and <span>Deaf Center</span> pay homage to the seminal work of Harold Budd on the new tribute compilation, Lost in the Humming Air - Music Inspired by Harold Budd. To read full reviews of these new releases and more, check out the Recently Reviewed section, and visit the New and Forthcoming Read More »

Harold Budd Celebrated by Loscil, Christopher Willits, Marsen Jules on New 'Lost in the Humming Air' Tribute Comp

experimental Ghostly International composer Christopher Willits, moody soundscapist Marsen Jules and Vancouver-based electronic artist Loscil. You can check out the tracklisting, as well as a sampler containing 30-second clips from each of the record's tracks, down below. Lost in the Humming Air (Music Inspired by Harold Budd): 1. <span>Deaf Center</span> - "Plateaux" 2. Loscil - "Rye Fields" 3. Martin Fuhs - "untitled.eleven" 4. Biosphere - "Det Var Kulmørkt Hjem" 5. Xela - "The Only Rose" 6. Marsen Jules - "Sunrise On 3rd Avenue" 7. Andrew Thomas - "Hushhh (Variation 2)" 8. Mokira - "Harold Dubb" 9. Christopher Willits Read More »

Ambient artists pen tributes to Harold Budd

Oktaf has invited ambient artists to produce a track that, as the presser states, "resembles the music of Harold Budd or channels the influence he had on them as musicians." Included on the compilation are the glitch and IDM styles of Mokira, the more sedate explorations of Biosphere and Type Records' staple <span>Deaf Center</span>. Tracklist 01. <span>Deaf Center</span> - Plateaux 02. Loscil - Rye Fields 03. Martin Fuhs - untitled.eleven 04. Biosphere - Det Var Kulmørkt Hjem 05. Xela - The Only Rose 06. Marsen Jules - Sunrise On 3rd Avenue 07. Andrew Thomas - Hushhh (Variation 2) 08. Mokira - Harold Dubb 09. Christopher Willits Read More »

Packing Heat and Singing Sweetly

6. KRIS DAVIS "Aeriol Piano" (Clean Feed) Not the most representative album for Ms. Davis as a jazz pianist per se, but a solo-piano record of serious organization and thrift, around ideals of jazz and minimalism. (There is an "All the Things You Are" here for the ages.)7. <span>DEAF CENTER</span>"Owl Splinters" (Type) I guess it was my dark-ambient year. <span>Deaf Center</span> is a Norwegian duo who play piano and cello with long tones, far-reaching sustain, carefully overlapping dissonances and wizardly use of audio space.8. CRAIG TABORN"Avenging Angel" (ECM) Guess it was my solo-piano year too. Craig Taborn has Read More »

Deaf Center "Close Forever Watching"

studio-quality sound. Credited ... as cellist and pianist, Skodvin and Totland do much more than simply play cello and piano on "Close Forever Watching," as both musicians emote dark textures from their respective instruments while utilizing electronics to conjure long drones that flow together into one massively epic movement. For those interested in seeing/hearing <span>Deaf</span> Center perform its majestic compositions live, the Norwegians will be making a rare US appearance this month on April 7 as part of the Beyond the Dark series for the New ... <span>Deaf Center</span> "Close Forever Watching" Read More »

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