Laurent Girard (born in 1975) is a musician known as Melodium from Angers, France. In 1999 Laurent contacted the label Tugboat to ask for a CD of one of their bands, Isan. While doing so, Laurent sent some of his own compositions. He received a kind reply from Glen Johnson, telling him to send him more tracks. Glen later sent the tape to a friend label, Static Caravan, who released Laurent's 7" called "Rhythmil". During the same year Laurent bought a computer to make it easier to create sounds. Salvo Pinzone from the label Disasterbychoice (Italy) offered Laurent to release a complete album. The album was composed during Laurent's time in the military service in a very small room and with small means. He then releases a second album with Static Caravan ("Silica") Finally, in 2002, he's interviewed by a man named Stephane, who runs a webzine ("Autres directions"). They become friends and Stephane talks to Laurent about a label he wants to create. Laurents accepts to be part of it, and his last album, "La Tête qui Flotte", is released, under the label "Autres directions in music".


Melodium - The Island (from popmatters)

The first track on Melodium's new album The Island sounds like movie music to me. It starts with a simple, repeating melody played on an organ of some sort , then joined by another, and then some harmonium tones playing counterpart to it. At first it resembles a character's theme in a movie, straightforward as it is, but as it proceeds it gets more complicated in a way that fills out the mood... Read More »

Melodium - Music For Invisible People (from Delusions of Adequacy)

At times Laurent Girard, the sole force behind the glitchy electro-pop of Melodium, tempers his chamber electronic compositions with acoustic guitars and vocals and at other times embellishes them with flutes, melodicas, xylophone, and keyboards. But either way the end result is mostly pedestrian and formulaic, middle-of-the-road electronica whose sound grows old by the end of the disc's 47 minutes... Read More »

Melodium - My Mind Is Falling To Pieces (from No Ripcord)

Since his first 7" release in 1999, Frenchman Laurent Girard has been quietly carving out a niche and making a name for himself in the world of ambient electronic music. Released on a multitude of different labels (Static Caravan, audio dregs, Autres Directions in Music) under the name Melodium, Girard's catalogue is as sizeable as it is impressive - My Mind Is Falling To Pieces is his twelfth CD album, and audio dregs are imminently about to release number thirteen... Read More »

Melodium - Vilnius (from No Ripcord)

Melodium is the nom de plume of Laurent Girard, a multi-talented French recording enthusiast who's been entertaining a number of us here at No Ripcord since we stumbled upon his 2005 album La tête qui flotte. Indeed, more observant readers may recall a Melodium track called My Xylophone Loves Me featuring in our February 2007 podcast. If not, why not re-acquaint yourselves here? Vilnius is Girard's eleventh full-length release in a career that began in earnest with 1999's Rhythmi 7"... Read More »

melodium - grounded sound (from Mimaroglu)

non geography-specific collection of various approaches/intents as compiled by mr. a.schrock, a fellow somerville resident. not of the smack-you-in the face variety, but rather thoughtful. especially good are my boys (greg, don, matt-mr.interrupt, and sam-soplerfo) keeping it quite real. werd... Read More »

Melodium - La T&#234te Qui Flotte (from Pop Matters)

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Flacana Flacana - Melodium

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Review of Melodium - La T&#234te Qui Flotte (from Pop Matters)

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Review of Melodium - Parthenay EP. (from Splendid Magazine)

The Parthenay EP is the first release from Nantes, France-based Autres Directions In Music (ADIM). The label prides itself on its DIY philosophy, offering free and legal downloads of each of its releases to the public through its official website. This EP, consists of five original compositions, as well as remixes of three of the featured tracks by fellow ADIM contributors Motenai and Mimao, Dudley and Depth Affect... Read More »


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