Robin Guthrie (born January 4, 1962 in Grangemouth, Scotland) is a co-founder of Cocteau Twins, and is one of the principal songwriters and musicians. Robin's unique style of guitar-playing and songwriting -- not to mention his deft production skills in the recording studio -- have earned him the respect of musicians throughout the world. Working at first with Will Heggie and, since, with Simon Raymonde, Robin has played guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and other instruments over the years, plus programming, sampling and sound processing. Robin originally set-up the record label bella union with Simon and he now works and lives in France with his wife, Florence, and their two children. He is also the proud father of Lucy Belle, his daughter with Elizabeth Fraser. In addition to his work as a producer (Lush) and engineer, Robin's latest musical collaboration is Violet Indiana, with singer Siobhan de Maré. Robin's first solo record, Imperial, was released in March 2003 by Bella Union. Official website:


Robin Guthrie - Continental (from Gigwise)

We swear our heart skipped more than a beat. 'Continental' is Robin Guthrie's second solo instrumental album and Robin Guthrie (for those who don't know but how could you not know?) helped create some of the most shockingly sublimely otherworldly music of the 1980's (and arguably 90's too) as part of the Cocteau Twins. And, we had forgotten just how utterly captivating his music could be. That fuzz guitar drenched, literally drowning, in FX... Read More »

Robin Guthrie - Carousel (from Quietus)

Such is the idiosyncratic and characteristic sound of Robin Guthrie's output that it becomes all too easy to take him and his skills as a guitarist for granted. Much like Durutti Column's Vini Reilly, Guthrie is frequently overlooked as a master of his craft and subsequently lumped in with any number of hackneyed clichés focussing on the — ahem — glacial and celestial nature of his work. A crying shame as there remains so much more to the former Cocteau Twins mainstay... Read More »

Robin Guthrie - Carousel (from pitchfork)

The Cocteau Twins' gauzy sound, by Robin Guthrie's own admission, was something of a happy accident, those sheets of shimmering guitars originally intended to disguise his modest technical skills. And Guthrie's innovations went on to inspire a legion of imitators ranging from lazy shoegaze wannabes to the mighty My Bloody Valentine, though few ever improved upon his approach... Read More »

Robin Guthrie - 3:19 Bande Originale du Film (from MusicOMH)

3:19 is the original soundtrack album to the Spanish-Mexican film of the same name, due to be released in the UK this autumn. Written and recorded by Robin Guthrie, formerly of Cocteau Twins, its ethereal instrumentals are perfectly suited to soundscaping the silver screen. Guthrie is no newcomer to film soundtracks, with more under his belt than studio albums he managed with the band that made him famous... Read More »

Robin Guthrie - Robin Guthrie - Imperial (from Uncut)

For a man of such impeccable credentials, Guthrie's first lone outing is something of a let-down. Now resident in France, the recent Violet Indiana collaboration with Mono's Siobhan de Maré—and quality releases from his increasingly relevant Bella Union label—unfortunately eclipse this offering... Read More »

GUTHRIE, ROBIN - Drifting Mix (from Forced Exposure)

To celebrate the second Drifting Festival, Blast First is releasing a 46-minute 45 seconds long drifting DJ mix by Robin Guthrie (of Cocteau Twins fame). This specially commissioned mix comprises of studio tracks and live recordings from the 1st Festival of Drifting (1998) plus original tracks specially recorded by Robin Guthrie." Features material from: Silo, Labradford, Charlemagne Palestine, Tony Conrad, Caspar Brotzmann, Sonic Youth, Chris 'n' Cosey, Pan American, Rothko... Read More »

Robin Guthrie - Imperial (from pitchfork)

In brief, the Cocteau Twins ended badly. After fifteen years fiddling with drum machines, effects-pedals and the English language, les infants joyeux crashed from a sugar high that dazzled us all. Very little music more clearly embodies flowery words like "shimmering," "glistening" and "grand" than the stately swirl of Robin Guthrie's Cocteau Twins, yet more people know Kevin Shields by name... Read More »

Robin Guthrie - Continental (from Neumu)

Read More »

Robin Guthrie - 3:19 (from Almost Cool)

Robin Guthrie is one of those artists that I'll always have a great deal of respect for. His guitar work in Cocteau Twins was massively influential (even if it has been overdone in recent years) and his production work for different groups on the 4AD label back in the day was always lovely as well... Read More »

Robin Guthrie - 3:19 (from Almost Cool)

Robin Guthrie is one of those artists that I'll always have a great deal of respect for. His guitar work in Cocteau Twins was massively influential (even if it has been overdone in recent years) and his production work for different groups on the 4AD label back in the day was always lovely as well... Read More »


The 20 Best Soundtrack Moments Of 2014

nostalgic tone to that portion of White Bird, and the whole topic is something that an '80s set drama and '80s pop songs always seem unnaturally well-suited for. The rest of the movie leans more nightmarish -- Kat's mother's disappearance, the eventual awful revelation of why. Former Cocteau Twins guitarist <span>Robin Guthrie</span> bridges all of this with his score -- which sounds, fittingly, like Cocteau Twins music -- but on the nightmarish end of things the one moment that's really stuck with me is the sequence in which Eva Green's Eve (the aforementioned disappeared mother of Kat) drunkenly dances in front of Read More »

Things Learned At: Rewire Festival

romantic music is here to cut you with its sharpness, to hook you in. And Lipstate is akin to some Rusalka for the digital age, leading you down to the water's edge to drown you, using sweet music. There's something in the simple, direct way she holds her guitar that reminds this old codger of <span>Robin Guthrie</span>; as well as the way a strong melody line was balanced against a suggestive, punky sensibility. Laptops a GoGo! Is taking in 6 hours of laptoppery and found sounds before you've had your dinner a feasible thing, or does that way lie madness? Rewire's day programme at the café cum performance space, Zaal 3 / Read More »

The Best Soundtrack Moments Of October 2014: The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, White Bird In A Blizzard, Gone Girl, & More

ingredients, and who doesn't want to see an aged Murray sing Dylan? 2. White Bird In A Blizzard Well, this is another one of those '80s-set shoe-ins where there's just no way I was going to be able to help myself. The score to White Bird In A Blizzard was handled by <span>Robin Guthrie</span>, the guitarist of Cocteau Twins, AKA the man responsible for some of the most ethereal and beautiful guitar work out there. The opening credits are set to Cocteau Twins' "Sea, Swallow Me," and through the various dream sequences and flashbacks, there's always Guthrie's guitar, reliably doing what it's always been so effective Read More »

Out This Week 10/28

Feeling... EP on Constellation Places to Hide - "Nowhere Bound" from Wild N Soft EP on Tiny Engines Quintron - "Death In Space" from Spellcaster II: Death in Space on Pizza Burglar Records Rancid - "Already Dead" from ...Honor Is All We Know on Epitaph Restorations - "Separate Songs" from LP3 on Side One Dummy <span>Robin Guthrie</span> & Harold Budd from White Bird in a Blizzard OST on Lakeshore Records Rökkurró performing - "Blue Skies" from INNRA on Rökkurró Music Run the Jewels - "Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) [Feat. Zack de la Rocha]" from RTJ2 on Mass Appeal The Shivas - "You Make Me Wanna Die" from You Know Read More »

CMJ: Blue Hawaii, Ballet School, Lydia Ainsworth @ Glasslands, Brooklyn 10/24/14

between how McGuire looks onstage and how his bandmates do, but overall it works to have someone look a little otherworldly when they're playing guitar so drenched in effects that it hardly sounds like itself anymore. (In Chris' Band To Watch interview with Blair, she even remarks about how she was drawn to Collet's playing because it reminded her of the Cocteau Twins' <span>Robin Guthrie</span>.) I left Glasslands cycling between having about five different Ballet School songs stuck in my head. The night was easily theirs. CMJ: Blue Hawaii, Ballet School, Lydia Ainsworth @ Glasslands, Brooklyn 10/24/14 Read More »

Singled Out: Engineers' Fight or Flight

there's an anger in the verse of the song that is juxtaposed in the chorus with a philosophical sentiment that (hopefully) gives a feeling of resolve and possibility. As I tracked the instruments I was listening to a lot of 80's indie and new wave music and the band Felt (In particular the <span>Robin Guthrie</span> produced 'Ignite The Seven Cannons') influenced me a great deal on this song. I like the fact that the jangly guitar band framework is given a subtly 'off kilter' feeling by modulation effects and a bright overall production. One of the most surprising things about the track sonically are Ulrich's synths which Read More »

Band To Watch: Ballet School

do and to get it all started and everything, so I first came in like 2010, and then I started Ballet School in like 2011, whenever I met Michel. He was the right person to start a band with, I think, because he was an incredible guitar player and his sound really reminded me of <span>Robin Guthrie</span>, very effects-laden but really really delicate playing that didn't overpower my voice. For some reason it really matched immediately. And you know how rare that is whenever you're looking for people to play with, it's like one of the most crucial things is to find the right people, so whenever we started playing together Read More »

The Gun Club's 'Mother Juno' Treated to Deluxe Vinyl Reissue

album Mother Juno has been remastered for a couple of CD reissues over the years, but it hasn't been pressed on vinyl since its original release in 1987. That will change on October 14 when Bang! Records issues Mother Juno on vinyl. Recorded in Berlin, the album was produced by <span>Robin Guthrie</span> of Cocteau Twins. This remastered pressing includes the bonus cuts "Crab Dance" and "Nobody's City," which appeared on a 2005 CD reissue but weren't on the original vinyl edition. (Iggy Pop recently released a star-studded cover of the latter tune.) The reissue also comes packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. Read More »

SIFF 2014 Face The Music Preview: Beautiful Noise

into chapters, traced by an animated timeline at the bottom of the screen. Cocteau Twins kick off the genre in the late '70s with their ethereal, otherworldly sound, followed by the sonic snarl of The Jesus and Mary Chain in the early '80s. Green has collected an impressive group of guests: <span>Robin Guthrie</span> of Cocteau Twins, Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine, Mark Gardener of Ride, Neil Halstead of Slowdive, Ian Masters of Pale Saints, just to name a very few. Admittedly, I was less enthralled with the non-shoegaze guests. As a shoegaze fan, I would much rather hear Kevin Shields talk than Wayne Coyne ... really proud to have come-of-age with a genre of music that didn't care about gender. Kudos to Green for tackling such an ambitious project, but the greedy fangirl in me did wonder if maybe the film would've been better served as one of those ten-part Ken Burns-style series documentaries. <span>Robin Guthrie</span> says at one point, there's still so many stories to be told, which is true for every band. I've always wanted a biography of the Cocteau Twins, whose story unfolded in the pre-internet world and whose band members were notoriously reticent. (Guthrie explains in the documentary, they stopped talking Read More »

Cocteau Twins Announce Represses of Blue Bell Knoll and Heaven Or Las Vegas EP For July 2014 Release

rarely safe to call a band "one-of-a-kind", especially one as influential as the Cocteau Twins, but we feel like we're probably on solid ground this time. The Scottish trio was a true oddity. The band's best-known lineup consisted of vocalist Elizabeth Fraser, guitarist <span>Robin Guthrie</span>, and multi-instrumentalist Simon Raymonde. Their work tended toward the ethereal, and Fraser's vocals...well, it was considered a major departure from form whenever her lyrics were "occasionally intelligible". As you may have noticed, it's not easy to describe the Cocteau Twins musically. In fact, we'd Read More »

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