Swod is the recording project of Oliver Doerell and Stephan Wohrmann, two accomplished musicians who met in Berlin sometime in 1991. Oliver plays guitar, bass and all manner of electronics - he is also a long-time family member of City Centre Offices having recorded an album and an EP under the "Dictaphone" moniker in between composing and performing musical pieces for theatre, installations and film over the last few years. Stephan plays piano and drums, arranging an almost neo-classical structure within a recording that already sounds ghostly and cinematic. Translated as 'go', "gehen" represents a labour of love from two musicians experienced in the art of seductive and evocative music making. Having first worked together producing live soundtracks to silent movies, Oliver and Stephan tread a delicate board of crystalline piano cascades and the sort of subtle electronic tinkering you can barely recognise or absorb in one sitting. It's fitting that the pair are so used to tailor-making their harmonious shards of sound to moving imagery, "gehen" evokes a plethora of half forgotten films and life experiences offered up in glimpses in the back of your mind. If you can imagine a sitting specially programmed by film directors Théo Angelopoulos or Krzysztof Kieslowski, or the music of eric satie, ryuchi sakamoto or keith jarret's "koln concert", you'll have some idea of what to expect. [ferro_ud; source:]


Swod - Drei (from drownedinsound)

One of the most unique acts on the Berlin electronica scene, Swod are a duo with a supernatural edge. Stephan Wöhrmann writes operatically charged piano cues; Oliver Durrell accompanies him with crackles, clicks and squeaks, creating a sound straight out of Dr Jekyll's daydreams. Their music isn't so much nostalgia as functioning time travel: hearing a Swod track is like stepping through a door into an old ballroom, a few computer glitches following you in... Read More »

Swod - Sekunden (from Sound Proector)

The tendency that appeared from the ruins of "Electronica" emerges here very clearly: it's the comeback of acoustic instruments, especially piano during the last few months. Nowadays even a certain generation of young musicians is formed, they use electronics together with acoustic constructions, their own program circuits mixed with perfect art of playing the traditional instruments... Read More »

Swod - Gehen (from Sound Proector)

Swod is the project of two musicians - Oliver Doerell (guitar, bass, electronics) and Stephan Wohrmann (keyboard, drums) who made acquaintance in Berlin in 1991. The album Gehen is their first joint release made on label City Centre Offices. Music here is unobtrusive, it includes smooth pourings of piano cascades which make listeners stand still and enjoy created rainy autumn mood. In the first track keyboard sounds just like rain drops... Read More »

SWOD - Sekunden (from Forced Exposure)

LP version. Read More »

SWOD - Gehen (from Forced Exposure)

LP version. Read More »

Swod - Sekunden (from Almost Cool)

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