There are at least two artists called Xela: 1) Electronica artist John Twells is one of the owners of Type. He got involved with the music scene after being signed by Neo Ouija records to release his debut album For Frosty Mornings and Summer Nights, since then he has released a followup on the City Centre Offices label, and also a collaboration with Type Records artist Logreybeam, under the Yasume moniker. He is currently working on his third solo album (which is proving quite difficult thanks to all his time being taken up by the label). 2) Cleveland, Ohio area native "songster and artgeek" Xela has been performing locally and around the country for the better part of a decade.


Xela - Il Bocca Al Lupo (from Dusted Magazine)

John Twells' Xela moniker has taken an interesting turn for the grotesque. Granted the recordings have never been sunny – even his glitchy debut For Frosty Mornings and Summer Nights had a tinted tone to it – but his latest musical endeavors have all been focused on the ominous. The Dead Sea's Argento-inspired zombies-at-sea narrative, crafted impeccably with eerie electronic noise, was impressive... Read More »

xela - tsuki no seika • vol. <b>1</b> (from Mimaroglu)

grouper / xela tsuki no seika vol 1 rs-53 7" series edition of 300 this has really been a long time in the making. it's great to finally see this project reach the light of day. originally conceived as a 7" box set, 'tsuki no seika' will now be offered up as a subscription only 7" series in four installments. each 7" will be a split, and each artist has contributed an a capella track. that is to say, vocals only! in addition, all of the artwork is done by the artist... Read More »

xela - barge split series • volume 1 (from Mimaroglu)

mgr / xela : barge split series vol. i catalog #: brg004 format(s): lp label: barge recordings street date: march 25th 2008 file under: rock/experimental pressing: 350 about barge split series vol. i: barge recordings is pleased to pair mgr and xela on vinyl as the first in a series of split lp's. shipping gold / calling for vanished faces treats the listener to two moving pieces that both compliment and contrast one another in style and compositional approach... Read More »

xela - the divine (from Mimaroglu)

ltd#100: xela "the divine" c54 oh xela, what's left to say? just in time for john twells' move to the united states, "the divine" drops at your door. whereas it's predecessor, "the illuminated," was a dark, twisted trek through the most uncomfortable reaches of the xela psyche, "the divine" looks toward the light, attemping to find solace but, again, finds nothing to hang on to. and it's one hell of a jam... Read More »

Xela - Shipping Gold / Calling for Vanished Faces (from Delusions of Adequacy)

Here's one you might've overlooked. Released on the young (founded in 2005) but unquestionably respectable Barge Recordings, this limited LP (also available as a quality digital download) devotes a side each to Isis guitarist Mike Gallagher's MGR (Mustard Gas and Roses, a Slaughterhouse Five reference) and Xela, the project of an individual named John Twells. For those familiar only with Gallagher through his pummeling work with Isis, "Shipping Gold" may provide a bit of a head-turn... Read More »

xela - in bocca al lupo (from Mimaroglu)

xela : in bocca al lupo the true sound of total desolation... in 2006 xela (aka type records main man john twells) released the horror-flecked epic 'the dead sea'. taking influence from the movies of dario argento and umberto lenzi and fusing them with a lovecraftian concept he created the perfect tribute to his obsession. every good horror movie has a sequel, and for this full-length follow up john has used the dark corners of the christian religion as his guide... Read More »

xela - electronic music vol. 1 (from Mimaroglu)

limited hand-stamped vinyl-only edition of 300 copies for the world. much in the same vein as the 12th chapel lp that introduced type-offshoot rite, this collector's vinyl finds label boss john twells as xela in collaborative mode, this time splitting a record with digitalis founder brad rose (aka the north sea). each artist contributes a side's worth of new material inspired by the electronic music of the mid-20th century... Read More »

xela - for frosty mornings and summer nights (from Mimaroglu)

xela : for frosty mornings and summer nights the long-awaited reissue of xela's debut album, complete with all new artwork and two exclusive extra tracks... Read More »

xela - the illuminated (from Mimaroglu)

[031] xela the illuminated lp the music of xela is not easily described. the alias of type records main-man john twells, he has over the last decade moved through a dense fog of musical styles from abstract electronics to rusty soundscapes. in recent years his output has allied itself with darker realms, taking a liberal dose of influence from norway's darker exponents, but retaining a deep and measured experimental focus... Read More »

Xela - In Bocca al Lupo (from Almost Cool)

Although his early work was light and at times even playful, the first album from John Twells (aka Xela) on his own label Type was an incredibly bleak affair. The Dead Sea tried to capture the sounds of a doomed water voyage, and his latest full length certainly doesn't lighten things up. In Bocca Al Lupo is another concept album of sorts, this time guided by the dark corners of the Christian religion... Read More »


Enthralling New Vision of Traditional Music By Folk Orchestra Sondeseu

lineup Rodrigo Romaní - harp, vocals, jaw harp, artistic director Harp section conducted by Rodrigo Romaní: Inés Lorenzo, Laura Barreiro, Olalla Vidal, Marta Barreiro, Lorena Reinaldo, Beatriz Martínez. Vocal section conducted by Javier Feijoó "Chisco": Maria José Balado, Anais Barbier, <span>Xela</span> Conde, Ana Domínguez, Eva González, Sara Malvido, Rosa Martínez, Maria Mercedes Pazos, Leticia R. Pais, Teresa Santamaría, Itziar Solar, Raquel Valcarce Gaitas section conducted by Xaquín Xesteira: Sito Muiños, Xose L. Sanromán, Marina Vigo, Antonio Prieto, Ana Pereira Requintas section Read More »

LISTEN: Colony Farewell Mix

Global Communication - 9 39 [Dedicated] TVO - Solo Rehearsal / The Outer Church, 25/26-10-13 [Broken20] ASC & Sam KDC - No Safety Zone [Auxiliary] Valanx - Those Who Will Be Held Responsible [SonuoS] Cabaret Voltaire - Baader Meinhof [Mute] Ilpo Vaisanen - Jaettu [Mego] Skirt - Six Hours [Horizontal Ground] <span>Xela</span> - Ut Nos Vivicaret [Type] Hive Mind - Ux I [Submit] Delta Funktionen - Erosion [Ann Aimee] Claudio PRC - Clear Depths [Prologue] Mick Finesse - Mettle Debris (Tengui Rmx) [Broken20] Valanx - Follow The Oath [Diametric] The Future Sound Of London - Little Brother [Virgin] Aidan Baker - Lost In Read More »

London's defunct Colony night dispatches one last mix: "No house/techno in sight"

COLONY_X, which comes with the all-caps disclaimer, 'WARNING: NO HOUSE/TECHNO IN SIGHT'. Instead they offer a tour through the darkest corners of their record collections, digging out a raft of beatless doom before going full-throttle with a stash of vintage hardcore and jungle tunes. Keep your ears peeled for records by Chris & Cosey, Global Communication, Cabaret Voltaire, <span>Xela</span>, Ilpo Vaisanen, Richard Skelton, Omni Trio, On Remand and more. Not for the faint of heart. Stream and download COLONY_X below: London's defunct Colony night dispatches one last mix: "No house/techno in sight" Read More »

Horse the Band Off to Central and South America

HORSE The Band are off to South America, doing a handful of shows in parts unknown, including a gig at 'Boogaloop' in Bogota. Interesting. We have confirmed the first round of shows for our Central and South American Tour. Please come. November 8 - <span>Xela</span>, Guatamala @ TBA November 9 - Guatemala City, Guatamala @ La Maga November 10 - El Salvador @ TBA November 14 - Granada, Nicaragua @ TBA November 15 - Managua, Nicaragua @ TBA November 17 - San Jose, Costa Rica @ Mundo Loco El Chante November 18 - Bogota, Colombia @ Boogaloop DiggFacebookdel.icio.usRSS FeedRelated NewsHORSE the band Tour Dates and Video Read More »

Harold Budd Celebrated by Loscil, Christopher Willits, Marsen Jules on New 'Lost in the Humming Air' Tribute Comp

out the tracklisting, as well as a sampler containing 30-second clips from each of the record's tracks, down below. Lost in the Humming Air (Music Inspired by Harold Budd): 1. Deaf Center - "Plateaux" 2. Loscil - "Rye Fields" 3. Martin Fuhs - "untitled.eleven" 4. Biosphere - "Det Var Kulmørkt Hjem" 5. <span>Xela</span> - "The Only Rose" 6. Marsen Jules - "Sunrise On 3rd Avenue" 7. Andrew Thomas - "Hushhh (Variation 2)" 8. Mokira - "Harold Dubb" 9. Christopher Willits - "Olancha Hello" 10. Taylor Deupree - "Sleepover" 11. Rafael Anton Irisarri - "Gloaming 12. Porn Sword Tobacco - "Painting World War 3" 13. bvdub Read More »

Ambient artists pen tributes to Harold Budd

had on them as musicians." Included on the compilation are the glitch and IDM styles of Mokira, the more sedate explorations of Biosphere and Type Records' staple Deaf Center. Tracklist 01. Deaf Center - Plateaux 02. Loscil - Rye Fields 03. Martin Fuhs - untitled.eleven 04. Biosphere - Det Var Kulmørkt Hjem 05. <span>Xela</span> - The Only Rose 06. Marsen Jules - Sunrise On 3rd Avenue 07. Andrew Thomas - Hushhh (Variation 2) 08. Mokira - Harold Dubb 09. Christopher Willits - Olancha Hello 10. Taylor Deupree - Sleepover 11. Rafael Anton Irisarri - Gloaming 12. Porn Sword Tobacco - Painting World War 3 13. bvdub & Read More »

Main Attrakionz' 808 & Dark Grapes II gets double-vinyl release through Type

2011, has been released on vinyl for the first time, by Type Records. The mixtape, originally released for free through Mishka, still represents one of the best full-lengths from the infinitely prolific Oakland rap duo, who have worked with Clams Casino, Keyboard Kid, A$AP Rocky and more. John '<span>Xela</span>' Twells' label, who last year issued Clams Casino's free Instrumentals mixtape on double-vinyl, might be turning the same trick twice here, but no one should complain about this music getting a physical release - in fact, with current hip-hop resembling an endless sea of free mixtapes, you could Read More »

Xela releases final album

Type Records owner John Twells has released his final album as <span>Xela</span>. Twells debuted the <span>Xela</span> project in 2003, with the beat-driven For Frosty Mornings and Summer Nights. The years that followed saw <span>Xela</span> take on darker forms, the influence of doom metal and classic horror soundtracks notable on records like The Dead Sea (2006) and In Bocca Al Lupo (2008). As well as his own Type label, <span>Xela</span> has released on Digitalis, Static Caravan and more, but for his final album, Exorcism, he's opted to bypass the label process and give the record away for free. <span>Xela</span>'s website currently features a length write-up Read More »

Manchester go Futuresonic

and indie providing the counterpoint for more club friendly styles. <span>Xela</span>, Ariel Pink, Hudson Mohawke, Daedelus, Tim <span>Exile</span>, Philip Glass and cosmic disco pioneer Daniele Baldelli will all play sets over the course of the festival, but if you just fancy a big, dirty rave up, their closing party will be just what the doctor ordered. Taking place at Club Underground in the Students' Union, the night will be split between the bass-heavy selections of Kode9, Zomby and HATE Soundsystem in the main room ... Manchester go Futuresonic Read More »

Xela enters into the mouth of the wolf

<span>Xela</span> enters into the mouth of the wolf Read More »

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